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Plastic Cards

Introducing our versatile Plastic Cards, a cutting-edge solution for diverse applications. Precision-crafted with premium materials, these cards redefine durability and functionality. Ideal for a variety of uses, from identification cards to promotional materials, Plastic Cards offer a sleek and modern aesthetic for any purpose.
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plastic cards printing

Exceptional Durability

Our Plastic Cards are designed to outlast and outperform. Constructed from high-quality materials, they resist wear and tear, ensuring longevity in various environments. Whether utilized for business, events, or daily operations, the durability of these cards guarantees a reliable and robust solution. The investment in Plastic Cards pays off with a long-lasting, low-maintenance option for your identification and promotional needs.

Water-Resistant and Easy to Clean

Versatility meets practicality with our water-resistant Plastic Cards. No need to worry about spills, stains, or adverse weather conditions. These cards are easy to clean with a simple wipe, maintaining a professional appearance in any situation. Whether used for access cards or membership IDs, the water-resistant feature adds a layer of convenience, ensuring your cards stay pristine in various environments without compromising functionality.

pvc card
transparent business cards

Customization for Branding Excellence

Elevate your brand presence with our Plastic Cards, offering vibrant graphics and extensive customization options. The high-quality printing process ensures sharp and eye-catching visuals, allowing you to showcase your brand with style. Tailor the cards to your specific needs, from color schemes to logos, and create a unique identity for your business. Plastic Cards become a powerful tool for effective branding, leaving a lasting impression on clients, customers, or attendees at events.

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Materials HDPE LDPE PET PETG Blister Insert




Printing Methods Digital Print Gravure Print UV Print Laser Engraving

Digital Print
Gravure Print
UV Print
Laser Engraving

Silk Screen Print

Silk Screen Print

Inks Water-based Inks Soy-Vegetable Based Inks Fluorescent Color Inks Oil Based Inks

Water-based Inks Soy-Vegetable Based Inks Fluorescent Color Inks Oil Based Inks

Pantone Metallic Pantone

Pantone Metallic Pantone

Our Ordering Process
Looking for custom packaging? Make it a breeze by following our four easy steps - soon you’ll be on your way to meeting all your packaging needs!
Customize your packaging
Choose from our vast selection of packaging solutions and customize it with our wide range of options to create your dream packaging.
Add to quote and submit
After customizing your packaging, simply add it to quote and submit quotation to be reviewed by one of our packaging specialists.
Consult with our expert
Get expert consultation on your quotation to to save on costs, streamline efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.
Production & shipping
Once everything is ready for production, have us manage your entire production and shipping! Just sit and wait for your order!

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